Why Pinterest is Actually Amazing

I’m going to be honest, when I first heard about Pinterest, I wasn’t really a fan.

To me, Pinterest sounded like the internet’s attempt to create the “next big thing” in social media, a vamped up google images. Most likely out of stubbornness if anything; I wasn’t having a bar of it. But boy was I wrong. In actual fact, Pinterest is an organised, creative, motivated, neat-freaks dream!


As far as I go, I’m not your generic Pinterest user, nor am I an incredibly active user, but Pinterest has certainly managed to fill many boredom holes in my life. If I have exhausted all my other options such as having watched every released episode of Game of Thrones or I’ve already emptied the contents of my fridge into my stomach, Pinterest is always there for me when I need distracting entertainment. You will be surprised how quickly you can get lost in the ocean of professional photography.

It is worth knowing that Pinterest does not simply provide beautiful pictures. It can also be a fantastic motivator, be it in finding a new workout, or looking for new craft ideas to get your creative juices flowing.  The best thing about all these images is that they provide direct links to wherever in the beautiful land of the internet they came from. This also makes it a fantastic online shopping tool ladies (and gents).

And the best bit? You can categorise every single thing you love in to your own little teeny tiny personalised pin board folders on the internet that don’t take up all your space on your hard drive! Incredible, I know.

One of my favourite ways to use Pinterest is to use my pinned folders as miniature recipe books. You can have just one big recipe folder, or if you have OCD like me, you can split them into breakfasts, dinners, deserts, snacks, condiments, fruit smoothies, artisan breads, homemade alcoholic beverages etc.  And none of this “recipe with no picture so you don’t know what it looks like” crap. Every recipe is complete with its own kitchen studio quality image. Again Pinterest saves the day, saving time and bookshelf space.


And ladies, for those of you have those piles of scrap books that contain every amazing white dress you have ever seen in VOGUE cut out and glued on consecutive pages surrounded with love hearts in anticipation for the wedding of your dreams, then look no further. You can use Pinterest to plan and organise that too, and believe me you aren’t the only one. You will seriously find so much amazing wedding stuff.


So jump on it! I promise you won’t regret it, although be careful because it is very easy to get lost in all its amazingness and snap out of it 3 hours later. Happy Pinning!

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Annoying Commuters

It’s only Tuesday, and I already need a vent. Just an opportunity to get a little something off my chest, and that is that I HATE annoying public transport commuters.  You honestly can’t escape them no matter where you go or what mode of transport you choose to take, and there are very few strategies one can take to counter their annoying habits. They are everywhere!


However, with my many mornings and evenings spent on buses and trains, I have developed a few profiles of commuters with particularly annoying habits. I have come to terms with the fact that they will always be on my mode of transport, though I feel the act of publicly declaring a list of the most annoying commuter habits makes me feel that little bit better about it.

1. People who sit too close to you.

It’s one thing if there is a bag in between the two of you, but when its arm on arm or leg on leg, it is a big no deal. Once they get too close, they start to breathe on you and it’s when you can physically smell what they ate for their last meal that things are getting out of hand. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those antisocial people who hates when people sit next to me, I am just a huge fan of personal space and a comfortable commute. And on that note…


2. Sprawlers

These not so sneaky travelers feel the need to also reserve a seat for their knee, and their foot and their whole frikkin leg, not to mention their bag, and their book, and their sunglasses. After a long day at work or when stuck in traffic, all you want to do is take a seat and so god help anyone who threatens to stop that from happening.

3. Creepy starers

Seriously, why? I mean there are so many things to look at out the window, and even if there isn’t, just pretend to be normal and play on your phone or read your book. There is no need for you to just sit there staring blankly at me. If that is what you choose to do, you give me no option than to label you as creeeeepy.


4. People who eat tasty smelling food right next to you

Thanks, now I’m hungry and I have to wait till I get home. Instant bad mood. Also you have now broken annoying commuter rule number one as well. Good one.

5. Snifflers

Get a frikken tissue.

6. People with their headphones on festival volume

They must have no ear drums. And why is it they every time this happens, they are always listening to crap music? If you are going to be so kind as to entertain everyone on the bus, please enlighten us with something other than dubstep.


7. PDA

No. Just no.


This really does feel better to get it off my chest. Happy Tuesday everyone!

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Let’s Get Physical!

If you’re a motivated mammal and manage to squeeze a daily workout into your busy lifestyle, then you are doing much better than me. Although I like to think I’m pretty healthy with what I eat I certainly don’t find enough time throughout my week to exercise.


For the few times that I do, I want to get the most out of it, so it’s important to fuel your body with the right food both before and after exercise. That way you can ensure that you have enough energy for your workout (although no matter what I eat I always seem to die in the first 10 min) and that you replenish all your bodies’ nutrients after you’re done.

Here is a short list of great snack ideas that will have both you and your little taste buds bouncing!


Foods to eat pre and post workout to ensure you look like a total babe:


Its best to eat something about an hour before you sweat it out, just so you have enough time to digest and you don’t bring it back up all over the treadmill…

–          Whole piece of fruit

–          Cup of pasta

–          Some Greek yogurt and berries



–          Mixed nuts : These are very high in protein and there is so many options that you are bound to find a mixture that you like.

–          Eggs : (I recommend dippy eggs, 4 min in boiling water) These guys also have a high amount of protein and contain plenty of amino acids.

–          Banana:  Will help restore your body’s levels of glycogen, which rebuilds damaged muscles. And and an added bonus they have tonnes of wonderful potassium.

–          Blueberries : These little delicious guys contain  lots of antioxidants which  triple your rate of recovery after a long workout.

–          And of course: WATER!


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Chocolate Overload!

Now that we have all spent excessive $$$ on stacks of chocolate eggs and bunnies, consumed our recommended calorie intake for the next 8 months and are currently all expecting a food baby, how is it possible that we still have leftover chocolate???

I don’t know about you, but I literally ate myself into a food coma this weekend, to the point that that only thing that stopped me from eating more chocolate eggs was the inability to move my body enough to reach them. I know, it’s a terrible mental image.




However, now (because I was a lucky duck) I’m left with a million chocolate Easter eggs that I simply cannot consume myself. I have racked my brain for ideas as to how use these Easter eggs in a way that I can still enjoy them, but which has a low impact on my sugar consumption levels.

I’ve thought of four (lets be honest, there isn’t much you can do with chocolate eggs other than eat them so this is pretty impressive) and I have failed with the whole “minimum sugar consumption” thing. Most of the ideas involve you still eating the chocolate. I’m sorry.


What to do when you are super lucky and received lots of chocolate for Easter but can’t eat it all:

Become extremely popular amongst your friends / work colleagues and distribute your leftover eggs in a gesture of kindness.


This one benefits everybody. You don’t continue to eat chocolate and everyone loves you! A real win-win.


Make the ultimate hot chocolate.


Does not matter what chocolate or how much of it you use. Melt the chocolate in a bowl over a pan of boiling water and then over a low heat slowly mix in milk until it is a drinkable consistency. Then drink! Warning: this makes a seriously rich hot chocolate, so try not to consume if you are still a victim of the food coma. This will extend your illness.



Make chocolate brownie cupcakes with an Easter egg surprise!


Grab your favourite choc brownie recipe and make like normal. Place the mixture in a prepped cupcake tray and pop a mini Easter egg in the middle of each cake, pressing down so it is hidden inside. When they come out of the oven, you will have a gooey chocolate surprise in the middle of each serving! Yum!




Create a beautiful Easter egg stash shrine.


This way you don’t have to eat them, but you can continue to look at them, admire how awesome they are and how lucky you are.



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The Selfie. Yes, we’ve all done it. In the bathroom, in bed, on the bus, in class, at home, out with friends, out without friends, at the beach or even whilst on the phone (#selfieinception). Whether you like to admit it or not, you would have (at some point) been guilty of this Gen Y phenomenon (I’ll even raise my own hand). However, there is only one way to make the word SELFIE worse than it already is, and that is by throwing a hashtag in front of it. I challenge you to pack anymore Gen Y stereotypes into this frustratingly catchy track by electronic dance music duo The Chainsmokers. It’s pretty much impossible.


With over 67 million YouTube views, it’s been a massive hit worldwide, capturing the typical teen-night-out and over 200 randomly selected selfies.

Keeping in tune with the theme, here is the complete summary in hashtag form:

#SELFIE    #drunk    #OMG    #whoevenwearscheetah     #instagram  #somanyfilterssolittletime     #isthatthehoff?    #yepitsthehoff    #lipgloss   #notenoughlikes  #beatsbeingdroppedeverywhere  #girliebathroomchat       #chainsmokersmusicvideo    #whogoesoutonmondays?   #brunettes         #filluponvodkaneeded      #whosthisjasonguy         #yolo

But if this summary wasn’t good enough, here is the music video. Don’t enjoy it too much.





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How to Trick Yourself into Becoming a Morning Person

If the thought of morning terrifies you, you need several cups of coffee just to function and you think the happy morning people at Uni are weird, then you need to read this. Here are 6 easy steps that will transform you into the morning-est morning person that has ever existed!


1.     Start Slowly

They say it takes 21 days to create a habit. So let’s be honest, you’re not going to be leaping out of bed at that new early time tomorrow morning with a huge smile on your face. I hate to break it to you, but the first couple of days are going to suck hard core. I’ve been there and it’s not pretty. My best advice here is to pick a new wake up time that is close to what you want and then work towards it, maybe make it 15 minutes earlier every couple of days and you will start getting used it.

2.     Set a Happy Alarm

Look, if you’re willing to sacrifice your second favourite song as your next alarm, that’s probably a great start. No one wants to wake up to that crappy generic iPhone alarm. No one.

3.     Kiss the Snooze Button Goodbye!

You snooze, you lose. There is no point getting up earlier if you are going to be a bitch about it. Do not let yourself hit the snooze button! Consider your morning alarm a 90% weighted exam; you hit that snooze button and it’s a big fat fail for you my friend. If you’re going to do this you have to jump out of bed on alarm number 1!

4.     Let in the Light!

This doesn’t matter if it’s natural or artificial; you need to expose yourself to light straightaway because this sends signals to your beautiful body to stop producing melatonin (the sleepy hormone). Keep those blinds open before you go to bed or if it’s dark when you want to get up, trick your brain by flicking on the brightest lights in the house. BAM! You’re up!

5.     Start exercising before breakfast

Early morning exercise kick starts your metabolism (bonus!) and helps you to feel more energised and motivated about your day. Those who exercise in the morning also experience better sleep and are more productive. As unappealing as morning exercise sounds, it’s definitely worth giving a go.

6.     Reward Yourself!

With all this extra time you have given yourself by getting up early, why not have a nice hot relaxing bath after your exercise? Or prepare yourself a super tasty and day-changing breakie? You are going to be leaving the house as Mr Positive!

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How to Successfully Procrastinate and Accomplish Nothing.

I’m sure most university affiliated sites use their content to encourage motivation and academic perseverance amongst their students in a way that promotes positive and efficient study behavior. Not this one. It’s nearly semester break and you guys really deserve some hard earned procrastination material.

I come bearing gifts.

To the naked eye, I may come across as a very motivated and driven individual who is always organised and brings a carefully packed lunch each day, but deep down I’m a professional procrastinator.  I mean I’m really good.


Now some people tend to procrastinate on Facebook, others on Twitter, and some enjoy a lengthy relationship with Game of Thrones or How I Met Your Mother. I like to combine all of these into one gigantic procrastination session of awesome. Here is a little collection of quality procrastination material. This should get you through a few hours.

1. For a good laugh, watch this reporters interview.

2. Watch some puppy vines. Who doesn’t love cute puppies doing funny stuff, am I right?

3. Procrasti-bake!


4. Learn some cool drinking tips.


5. Check out this website for awesome commentary on the latest current affairs.


6. Learn some new dance moves


7. Play Cat Bounce. All you have to do is keep your cats bouncing. Hours of quality entertainment.


8. Make lots of meals under $5


9. Learn some interesting facts



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A Handy Guide to Matching Outfit Colours

Getting up in the morning and walking to my wardrobe, I’m pretty much already thinking “black”. Let’s be honest, it’s the go to colour. Its slimming, easy to match and you can buy it practically anywhere.  But sometimes you want to mix it up. This is a great idea until you realise you actually have no idea about fashion and up until now have been getting by with dismal attempts to replicate what the kids seem to be wearing in the magazines…


Picking something different to wear every day sucks. Black and white seem to be the safe colours when it comes to clothes. Most of us tend to avoid colours with names like “Flavescent” or “fuchsia”, but why not spice it up a bit? Live a little! Get those snazzy bright pants you’ve been eyeing off for so long!

What’s that? You’re not Trinny and Susannah and aren’t sure how to style bright colours? Well you really can wear more colours together than you think.  When you break it down, it’s not that tricky, but to help you get started here is an easy to understand guide that will have you strutting the streets with a sheike style in no time.

Introducing the Colour Wheel:


You may recognise this guy form your compulsory high school art days, but let me tell you, this is now your go-to every morning before you put your clothes on.

1.Primary Colors

Red, blue, and yellow are known as primary colours and work great for a monochrome look, which means putting together an outfit using only one colour. This idea may seem stupid but when done right, appears very modern and chic. Using only one colour actually streamlines the body, helping you to appear slimmer and taller (so no one will notice those 2 slices of chocolate cake you scoffed this morning). Also if you want a little bit of diversity, mixing primary colours can create a very modern look, so hot right now!



 Sydne-Style-Tadashi-red-lace-peplum-dress-new-york-fashion-week-street-style-red-shoes Capture5

2. Complementary Colours

Finding complementary colours is super-duper easy: Pick any colour on the colour wheel and look for the colour opposite to it. And tada, you now have yourself a colour scheme! Wear these colours with no fear of clashing or breaking any fashion rules. Examples include: orange/blue, violet/yellow, turquoise/maroon.




3.Analogous Colours

Don’t let the trick name scare you off! Analogous colours look just as great as complementary colours and are just as easy to find! Just pick any one colour on the wheel, then choose the colour to the right or the left and you have found your palette. Hues that are similar to one another on the colour wheel create a harmonious and unified look (like you know your stuff and have completed a degree in fashion or design).



4. The Accent

Sometimes the day may call for just a splash of colour. Tone down the rainbow a little bit with an outfit that is neutral and add just a hint of colour in the right place. Could be a bright top or a cute pair of vibrant shoes, just to add a lil somethin-somethin.

2036910_00ariadnaa 5black-yellow-three-wishes-style


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