Exploring different food cultures in Sydney

We are self-acclaimed food lovers always exploring and tasting the different foods Australia has to offer. We’ve reviewed our favourite cuisines and hope you’ll try them for yourself!

Food in China

Chinese people love dim sum! Especially Cantonese people. We often start the day with some delicious steamed dishes rather than fried! Going for dim sum is also often called yum cha, which means tea tasting or drinking tea. Usually, at dim sum restaurants we’re offered a variety of bamboo containers to select from. These include fresh foods such as Har gow (shrimp dumpling), Shao mai (steamed dumpling), chicken feet, etc. While the food is very different, the dining experience is similar to brunch in western countries and it’s a great way for family, friends and co-worker to get together.

Food in Thailand

2When trying a new cuisine, we often ask the restaurant staff for recommendations. In a recent visit to a Thai restaurant, we asked one of the waiters to bring us the most popular and traditional Thai dishes. He suggested a lot of hot and spicy foods – Som Tam and Gai Med Ma Moung (Chicken Cashew Nuts). He also explained that Thai people loved rice but they needed to eat something to go with it. They usually select hot and spicy foods and it’s the reason why Thai food is famous around the world.


Food in Korea

3Korean BBQ is famous worldwide and luckily, Sydney has an extensive variety of Korean restaurants. Korean people enjoy a dish that comprises of thinly sliced beef that marinated with different kinds of sauce such as pear juice, garlic and soy sauce. Eating this dish with a lettuce leaf is really worth trying. We tried it and it was delicious!




Food in Australia

4We couldn’t write a blog without mentioning Australian food! Sitting in a quiet restaurant or outside with plenty of sunshine, drinking a glass of wine, with delicious chips, salad or beef ribs is what Australian spend their time doing at weekends. The beef ribs are always so juicy and delicious. A fresh salmon salad, tasty pasta dishes and chocolate or vanilla smoothie makes a wonderful weekend for us. We’re really embracing the Australian culture but we also have the luxury to enjoy foods from other countries too!



Written by SIBT students: Rita, Karen

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