Feeling Hungry? Here’s some help to choose your next snack or meal.

As a student deciding what to eat for your next meal can be…well..overwhelming. And to be honest sometimes you are just a little low on cash and your fridge is a little emptier than you would have liked to imagine in those high school dreams of independent university life.


Eating well and on a budget isn’t always easy for new students who are adjusting to living away from home for the first time, or if you’re still living at home and just want some more independence! Food choice begins as a novelty, but for many of the time poor and cash poor students, it becomes a chore and your health and diet fall by the curb. This doesn’t have to be the case!

Planning ahead and using convenience tools is your friend. Buying groceries, teaming up with your housemates and cooking together is the way to go.  You can even order groceries online to save time! Another way to save money is to scout out some of the food courts near campus – there are often cheap meals and deals that the rest of student community has caught onto.  On days when you’re pushed for time and cannot cook (don’t eat 2 minute noodles!) you can always order takeaway online – there are many healthy options, comfort foods and delicious deals for students. Sign up for special deals for students and 10% Delivery Hero today using your @learning.sibt.nsw.edu.au email address (find yours in the student portal).
We know uni life can be tough. So if your brain is fried or you are just having trouble in general deciding what to eat today – please feel free to use the Student Food Choices Decision Tree (just click the image to enlarge). Your tired mind and empty stomach will thank you for it later ! 🙂



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