Our favourite Sydney indoor hangouts…

Sydney is bursting with things to see and do, from the iconic Opera House and Sydney Bridge to the beautiful beaches. But sometimes, it’s nice to chill out indoors, where it’s warm and dry during the winter months. There are the usual options of watching a film at home, going bowling or to the cinema, but why not try something different and experience the real Sydney!



How about getting a group together for a pub quiz? You get to spend time with your friends or a group of people you don’t know, and improve your general knowledge while having a few laughs… and maybe even win a prize! If you’re not in, you can’t win! Here’s a list of top trivia nights in Sydney. And don’t forget The Arthouse Hotel which is close to the SIBT Sydney campus in the CBD which holds quiz nights on Thursday evenings.



There are also so many cool underground bars around Sydney that are shhh…. (somewhat) secret. During the day, you could pass by without noticing but at night, a door appears to a secret spot. The coolest bars in Sydney now are right on the SIBT campus doorstep, why not try a drink or bite to eat at:

Frankie’s Pizza – Karaoke on Tuesdays, Bands and DJs on other nights. Swing by for a slice of pizza any night!

The Swinging Cat – On the list as one of the top bars of 2015, listen to funky jazz music or taste their yummy grilled cheese sandwich.

Lobo plantation – the best place for cocktails, where the bar staff are the epitome of ‘cool’ and sometimes set the drinks alight with fire!

Ramblin’ Rascal Tavern – Serving the famous Mary’s burgers (if you haven’t tried one, you’re missing out!), enter through a side door next to Tony and Guy hairdressers on Elizabeth Street.


Or, feel like a sweet treat after hours? Is that a yes? Of course it is!

Meetfresh will make you feel at home or let you experience something different with their handmade, natural Vietnamese desserts. Based in the same complex as the cinema on George Street, and open late, you can visit before or after you see your favourite movie!


For some extreme ice-cream (frozen using Liquid Nitrogen!), try the N2 gelato shop in the city. Even in winter, ice-cream tastes good right?



Do you know of more good places to visit? It’d be great to hear about your favourite hangout spot in Sydney…drop us a Facebook message and let us know!


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