Quick Guide to improving your English

I’m often asked by fellow international students on the best ways to improve one’s English. I often correct them by saying that there’s no such thing as the best way, as the concept of best is relative. What is best for me may be the worst possible thing for you. These students often walk away and never talk to me again.

So I’ve decided to write down my thoughts on what I think is not only the best, but the ONLY way, to improve your English. This way you can’t run away…well you can….but at least I won’t know about it and feel horrible. So here goes…

Read EVERYTHING. The best way to improve your vocabulary is by reading as much as possible.

Watch bad Australian soap operas. And by bad I mean just plain horrible. Shows like Home and Away and Neighbours are terrible but really easy to watch. It will help you listen out for really bad dialogue.

Practise. Ever heard of the phrase, use it or lose it? Whilst it’s also applicable for your money, the phrase means that you need to practise anything you’ve learnt or else you’ll forget it overtime. Practise the new words you’ve learnt. I often just stand in front of a mirror and say new words I’ve learnt to my reflection.

Practise your writing. You can practise your writing by posting to this blog.

Go out and meet new friends. I’m Chinese and I have plenty of Chinese friends, but I know that if I only have Chinese friends we’ll all speak in Chinese and never improve our English. I just practised writing the word Chinese 4 times in a sentence. Anyway the point is…don’t be afraid to meet new friends from all over the world so you have more opportunities to practise speaking English.

It might be difficult to remember all these tips so I’ve formed an easy to remember acronym (look up this word – do it now!) so you don’t forget. It’s RWPG.

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