For students-by students

Hello and welcome to the SIBT Students blog!

We’d like to tell you that our primary goal is to provide useful information and practical advice for students, but it’s not. That would be boring (and a downright lie).

Our main purpose is to provide an outlet for students to be creative, to share their most awkward and entertaining moments, and to hopefully provide you with a few laughs in those blissful moments between study sessions.

You can expect to find an unusual mix of topics and opinions on university life in Sydney, Australia. Most of it will be informative, a little of it will probably be offensive, and some of it will be incredibly sarcastic, but we hope you enjoy it anyways.

Please note – the views and opinions expressed in this blog are solely those held by the individual blogger and are not a reflection of SIBT or Macquarie University’s views or opinions.

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