Student Fashion Trends

Recently, some SIBT students went in search of the latest Spring/Summer fashion trends in Sydney. Here’s what they found…


We were all really excited to find the latest spring/summer fashion trends in Sydney. We discovered that the upcoming spring and summer trends include using sorbet color, tropical pattern and Head-to-Toe White.  We looked at different stores in the shopping center such as Hugo Boss, Salvatore Ferragamo, Channel, Zara, Topshop to find out the newest fashion and accessories in Sydney.

Topshop and Zara were our favourite store picks. Both brands originate from European countries such as UK and Spain; and the majority of Australians love to shop in those stores because Europe is famous for fashion!

Zara’s clothing and accessories are tended to be smart casual and business attire such as suit for males; shirt, pencil skirt and dresses for females, the customers are around the age of 18 to 48 and the prices of the product are generally more expensive. In addition, Zara have a child/baby sections for younger customer.

group3While Topshop’s clothing and accessories tend to be more casual and informal so as to attract younger customers around the age of 14 – 25. Also, the prices of the product are less expensive compared to Zara so it’s a great place for students!

Students: Jamshaid HAKIMZADAH,  Tsz Ching HO,  Anthony HU,  Phuong Mai NGUYEN

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