The wonders of Dim Sum cuisine

We all love food, right? If it weren’t for the excess calories and daily commitments of our day to day lives, I bet most of us would spend most of our day eating, I know I would! Tragically, most good things have bad consequences.

The Chinese cuisine is both exotic and mind-blowing; this is especially for the Chinese people who are very culture-oriented, as well as other people, who have an appreciation for diversity.

We recently visited China town, eagerly searching for a restaurant that would endow us with a full-packaged China cuisine experience!  Having this in mind, we quickly spotted a brown-roofed and blue-lighted restaurant that seemed to be exactly what we were looking for. Moments later, after going through the menu, we discovered an exquisite Cantonese style of cooking, the popular Dim Sum.


As it was brought to our table, we couldn’t help but admire its presentation. It was served in small round bamboo bowls that held the contents magnificently well. It had a steamy, fresh and fragrant aroma, as well as a sweet and sour taste, due to the sauce that accompanied it. With the food came the chopsticks, and the forks, for those of us who haven’t yet mastered the art of using the simple but sophisticated sticks.

Yum Cha, is another name for Dim Sum, which means ‘’drinking tea’’. We, however, did not choose to accompany our food with the tea, though tea is part and parcel of Dim Sum. This delicacy cannot be characterized by the time of day it is taken, since it can serve as breakfast, brunch, or even dinner. A classical Dim Sum dish consists of an unequal percentage of shrimp and pork, wrapped in a thin sheet of dough. This dumpling is known as the Cha Siu bao. It also includes rice noodle rolls, and can either be steamed or fried. Different meats can be used, and the menu can also be prepared to suit vegetarians.

Dim Sum is truly an enjoyable experience for anyone who wishes to be part of a communal and elegant menu.



Students: Mohammed Ali Bumozah, Renyu Fang, Wong Wing Chi Vanessa, Thi Giang NGUYEn


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